Precision Medicine: Why Life Sciences companies should invest in innovation

Behind Scotland's Life Sciences industry is an ecosystem strengthened by continued investment in innovation.

Scotland continues to blossom into a leading light in the worldwide Life Sciences community.

Academics representing our leading universities work diligently alongside the NHS and an industry driven by innovation to propel the Scottish Life Sciences ecosystem into becoming a global leader.

Alison McLintock, a Manager at global innovation funding specialists Leyton UK, spoke to The Scotsman at our Precision Medicine conference.

Scotland's Life Sciences sector is supported by academia and industry alike.

She said: "All of those three things working together in collaboration is a really powerful force."

Manager Alison differentiates successful Life Sciences companies as those "willing to take a risk".

"They're willing to invest in R&D," she said, "they're willing to look for new areas to move into, to look for new applications for their existing technologies and collaborate with others to coe up with something that's really new."

Leyton UK, a 2019 headline sponsor for the annual event, works with partners to fund innovation most relevant to their business and capable of delivering the maximum return in tax credits or grant funding.