Doing Data Right: University of Edinburgh DDI programme embraces ethical data

Balancing innovation with regulation and user rights is key to better ethical practices in the data industry.

The opening talk at this year's Scotsman Data Conference was delivered by Jarmo Eskelinen, Director of the University of Edinburgh's Data Driven Innovation programme.

During the intermission, he took the time to explain how "doing data right is a question, not an answer", adding that "it's probably impossible to satisfy all the angles of it at the same time."

The University's DDI programme is trying to find the balance between innovation, regulation and privacy.

Jarmo Eskelinen spoke at The Scotsman's Doing Data Right conference.

"Things we are focussed on at the Data Driven Innovation programme," says Jarmo, "are questions of data ownership - who owns data, who has the right to use it and who can create value out of data."

Also under the academic microscope are how best to return data control to its creators as well as inclusivity and the gender balance in data.

Jarmo Eskelinen joined other academics, business leaders, charity workers and public servants to discuss the biggest issues in data at The Scotsman's 'Doing Data Right: Through People and Partnerships' conference in September.