Scotsman fintech event: what has fintech ever done for us?

Fintech has made a huge impact on the financial services sector and the wider economy of Scotland – but what did it ever do for us?

The Scotsman's 2018 fintech event. Picture: John Devlin
The Scotsman's 2018 fintech event. Picture: John Devlin

That’s the subject of a quick-fire panel discussion at Strathclyde Business School in Glasgow on Wednesday, 5 June, with experts from across the fintech field, including Nicola Anderson of Fintech Scotland, Professor Eleanor Shaw of the University of Strathclyde and Louise Smith, Head of Intelligent Automation at RBS.

To register for the event, sign up on our web page at www.scotsman

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The panel is completed by young entrepreneur Daniel Sloan of BankPal, Chris Brown of Deloitte and Callum Sinclair of Burness Paull.

The Scotsman's 2018 fintech event. Picture: John Devlin

AGENDA: JUNE 5, 2019

10.00 Registration and refreshments

10.30 Introduction from the?Chair – David Lee

10.35 Welcome – Professor Eleanor Shaw

10.40 Panel discussion

11.45 Summary and close by the Chair

11.50-12.30 Networking and lunch

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If you are a member of the fintech community, or interested in the sector in any way, we would love to see you there for the rapid-fire discussion around seven key topics, each representing a letter of fintech:


Last year’s discussion asked if fintech could be an agent of positive social change. How are we doing in terms of financial inclusion and does fintech in Scotland still have that social purpose?


How is th sector coming together in a collaborative way to deliver genuine innovation, through initiatives like the Glasgow City Innovation District? Are we seeing any tangible outputs?


How is Scotland doing at creating a generation of fintech entrepreneurs who can provide the economic powerhouses of tomorrow?


What are Scottish fintech businesses doing to build customer trust – and are they being fully transparent about their use of data? Can Scotland use trust and transparency as its fintech USP?


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Last year, Fintech Scotland’s company map had 40 businesses on it. This has now doubled to 80-plus. Scotland is also attracting fintech jobs in large financial institutions. Is fintech starting to drive significant employment growth?


As consumers become more aware of the importance of their data to large tech companies, how can fintech help them to realise value from that data?


How can fintech have a positive impact on the way we buy and sell homes? Does it have the power to bring together the whole home-buying journey in a simpler, more seamless way? And can this approach be rolled over into other aspects of our lives, such as travel and tourism?

Frank O’Donnell, Editorial Director of The Scotsman, says: “Fintech is making a real difference to the way we all consume financial services, and to the wider economy of Scotland. It is an exciting and vibrant sector which reflects the latest innovative chapter in the history ofthe country and its great ?entrepreneurs.

“We are delighted to be holding this event as part of our fintech series and look forward to discussing some of the wide-ranging and challenging questions thrown up by fintech – not least around consumer data and how it is used in an age of rapidly-changing technology.”

Prof Eleanor Shaw of the University of Strathclyde, says: “We are really pleased to host this exciting event. Strathclyde was the first university to offer a Masters qualification in fintech and we continue to lead the way in addressing both the opportunities and challenges it presents. We are building a strong fintech community – and we hope the community will be out in force to join the debate on June 5th.”

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If you have any questions for panelists ahead of the event, please e-mail [email protected] or call 0131-311 7237.