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Scarlett Thomas

Book review: Oligarchy, by Scarlett Thomas

There is something reliably unpredictable about Scarlett Thomas. Her novels have danced between genres: PopCo is a work which both admires the creativity of capitalism and deplores it; The End Of Mr Y was a frolic through quantum physics; Going Out was a study in loneliness; The Seed Collectors was a family saga that was as intricate as a root system. Then she shifted again, to produce a sequence of fantasy novels – Dragon’s Green, The Chosen Ones and Galloglass: if your teenage children have done with Pullman and haven’t discovered Cooper yet, then these stories about stories about stories are the ideal tonic.

Sorry for the Dead, By Nicola Upson

Book review: Sorry For The Dead: A Josephine Tey Mystery, by Nicola Upson

There’s a wonderful golden age feel to the opening of Nicola Upson’s latest novel – an old-school mystery involving multiple suspects, hidden messages in the press and very little blood and gore. Actress Elizabeth Banks (no, not that one) is the twin sister of a young girl, Dorothy, who died while at Moira House, a horticultural college in Surrey. Josephine Tey, a teacher at the college for a summer, finds herself forced to relive the time of Dorothy’s death and unravel a very modern mystery which spans not only crime, but social constraints and trials of the human condition.

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