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Who could have predicted Caleb Ewan's stage win?  Picture: AFP/Getty Images

Richard Moore: Cycling can be a difficult sport to predict

A year ago, when Geraint Thomas claimed the yellow jersey of Tour de France leader in the Alps, I confidently dismissed his chances. I said it was “fanciful” to even imagine that somebody who had never even finished close to the podium could win the Tour de France.

Whether it's Johnson or Hunt, the outgoing prime minister's successor will have to be a catastrophe to burnish her reputation. Picture: Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Wire

Insight: Fill in the blanks of Theresa May’s dire legacy

When Private Eye published its Theresa May Memorial Issue (headline – The Prime Minister’s Legacy in Full – followed by a blank page) it raised a chortle or two. But it wasn’t long before critics started pointing out that the normally merciless magazine had been too generous. If only the legacy of May’s premiership was a big fat zero as opposed to a country more economically and politically divided than ever before.

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