The latest figures rank Scottish schools by exam results.The latest figures rank Scottish schools by exam results.
The latest figures rank Scottish schools by exam results. | Canva/Getty Images

Top Scottish Schools: The 10 best performing secondary schools in Scotland according to latest exam results

The league table is based on the percentage of pupils at each school who achieved the Scottish Government’s educational “gold standard” of five Highers, or their equivalent, in 2023.

The exam result data, compiled by The Sunday Times, shows which schools and council areas have the most successful pupils academically – topped by East Renfrewshire where four out of its seven secondary schools placed in the top 10.

East Dunbartonshire was only slightly behind, with three schools making the list, while Jordanhill School, in Glasgow, came top for the seventh year in a row.

Exam league tables are not able to rank schools from ‘best to worst’, as they do not take into account factors such as teaching quality, the number of pupils with special educational needs or whether the school serves a disadvantaged area.

Meanwhile, the Scottish Government says presenting exam performance figures in league tables is “misleading” because it overlooks such aspects but we are publishing them to provide parents with important information they can consider alongside inspection reports and other ways to assess the quality of local schools.

Having said that, here are the 10 schools with the best exam results in Scotland.