Stow chief ‘should quit’ over secret tape

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EDUCATION Minister Michael Russell has demanded the resignation of a senior college official after it emerged he had secretly taped a conversation during a private meeting.

Russell was angered after Kirk Ramsay, the chairman of Stow College in Glasgow, recorded the “closed-doors” meeting held last month to discuss contentious reforms to the sector.

Ramsay was asked to explain himself at the Scottish Parliament last Tuesday. He said Russell wanted him to resign and that he has since apologised.

The matter, however, did not end there. Russell has now sent a letter to others who attended the meeting. Russell wrote: “I am afraid I do not regard Mr Ramsay’s actions as consistent … with the protocol expected at such an event or 
of the standards I expect 
(of the chairman) of any college.”

But Ramsay defended his actions, saying he wanted to keep an accurate note of an important discussion regarding college education reforms to be passed only to those unable to attend the meeting. “I am extremely disappointed that Mr Russell has used his position to seek to exert such control, influence and power both privately, but also so publicly. It is regrettable that he has chosen to seek my removal in such a fashion,” he said.

Last night a Scottish Government spokeswoman said: “Making and distributing a secret recording of a confidential meeting is inconsistent with the behaviour expected of the chair of a publicly-funded college. Mr Russell no longer has confidence in Mr Ramsay.”