STEScots island with just 7 school pupils finds new teacher

A tiny Hebridean island with a population of around 30 has finally appointed a new teacher for its school of seven pupils

A CalMac ferry arrives at the island of Muck. Picture: Ian Rutherford

The island of Muck, south of Skye, had issued a global appeal on social media for a new teacher after a number of candidates withdrew their applications after deciding that island life was not for them.

Head teacher Andy Murray revealed last month that a total of 58 people from the world over had applied for the position after residents of the tiny island had set up a Facebook page to try and attract applicants when the previous teacher left the role for personal reasons.

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Mr Murray added: “It was a very big response. There are some outstanding candidates.”

Nine candidates were shortlisted and were invited to visit Muck, which has no shop, church or even post box.

The island, part of the Small Isles, only received round-the-clock electricity in 2013. Prior to then, residents had had to ration their use of power to a little over ten hours a day.

The job, which comes with a three-bedroom flat situated above the schoolhouse, has a reported salary of around £34,000.

Pupils attend Mallaig High School on the mainland when they reach secondary age, and stay in hostel accommodation.