Scotsman Archive: Nationalisation of electricity, 11 January, 1947

SCOTLAND is given a surprisingly wide measure of "self-government" in the Electricity Bill. It carries out the government's plan for the nationalisation of all the authorised electricity undertakings in the country – including those now operated by local authorities – and for the supply of electricity being in future in the hands of a British Electricity Authority, which will work with the aid of 14 Area Boards.

All the area north of a line drawn roughly between south of the Tay, Stirling, and the west coast above Glasgow is placed in the charge of the North of Scotland Hydro-Electric Board. This will be strengthened and enlarged and will enjoy full autonomy including care of its own finances. South of that line Scotland is divided into two areas – South-East and South-West – and these area boards will operate under the control of the Central Authority in London. Holders of securities in electricity companies will be paid compensation in the form of stock issued by the Central Authority.