Scotsman Archive: Arts Council overheads 25 January, 1950

THE overhead expenditure of the Arts Council of Great Britain is "very high in proportion to income," and the Treasury should examine this aspect of the council's 1950-51 budget, say the Select Committee on Estimates in a report.

It says that while the council's duty is to see that money voted by Parliament is well spent, the high proportion of overheads "seem to indicate that perhaps this duty is being given too much emphasis." Figures show that expenditure on overheads apart from the Scottish Committee totalled 98,864. Departmental salaries at headquarters and regional apportionment for music, drama and art accounted for 38,613. The balance of 60,251 went to administration. The proportion of expenditure on overheads to total income was about 16.5 per cent, of which the proportion for administration was about 10 per cent. For Scotland the expenditure on overheads, which are all included under the heading "administration", is about 18 per cent of the total income of the Scottish Committee.

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