Pupils injured after classroom outburst at Falkirk school

HORRIFIED parents kept their children away from school after a violent outburst by a pupil left three youngsters injured.

Langlees Primary School in Falkirk. Picture: Michael Gillen

The incident happened at Langlees Primary School, in Davids Loan, last Tuesday and reportedly saw a pupil with learning difficulties wreck a classroom by throwing tables around. It is believed three youngsters suffered minor injuries as a result.

Now parents of six pupils from the class have removed their children from the school until the head teacher can assure them their sons and daughters will be safe.

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One parent said: “This is not the first time this has happened, but this is the worst one yet. This boy needs the appropriate support and our children should be safe when they go to school.

“The school has a duty of care to look after our children while they are at school and we are basically being told that they cannot assure us our children will be safe. It’s a day to day thing just now, we can only hope they will see this as a real safety issue and do something about it.”

A Falkirk Council education spokesman said: “An incident took place in one of our primary schools on the afternoon of March 1. This incident alarmed some of the pupils and a small number of them sustained very minor injuries

“A number of parents have expressed concern as a result of this. The school’s head teacher has been in regular contact with the families affected and arrangements have been put in place to ensure that a similar incident does not re-occur.”