Parents and teachers join to clear school of snow so it can open

Parents and teachers have grouped together to clear snow from schools in an effort to ensure children can return to classes on Monday.

Parents, teachers and the local community of Larbert in Scotland begin clearing the grounds of Kinnaird Primary School, as the cold weather continues around the country. Picture: Andrew Milligan/PA Wire

Kinnaird Primary School in Larbert called on volunteers to help clear the school grounds on Saturday, with about 100 people turning up.

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Armed with shovels and spades, parents, children and teachers worked to ensure the school is safe to reopen on Monday after three days of weather-enforced closure last week.

An appeal was put out by the school on social media and received an encouraging response.

Deputy head teacher Laura Swan said: “There has been a good community spirit shown online and people were keen to come down and help. Kinnaird is a proud and passionate place.

“We’ve got at least about 100 people with local councillors, parents, children and staff helping out and other members of the community, so everyone is pulling together.”

Many local authorities announced last Tuesday that schools would be closed ahead of the weather warnings, with others following suit on Wednesday morning when conditions worsened.

Most hope to reopen on Monday with announcements expected on Sunday.

Ms Swan joked: “I think there’s an element of parents being desperate to get the kids back out the house but it’s also the reality that the school wouldn’t be able to open without this so they’re just pulling together.”

Other schools around the country are doing likewise with Abbeyhill Primary in Edinburgh organising a “snow clearing party” for Sunday.

A Twitter post said: “Come dressed to impress in your warmest winter clothes and we really could make a difference for Monday morning.

“Bring a flask of something hot and we will provide some snacks.”