Lecture will boost understanding of artificial intelligence

It's a term that increasingly makes headlines, but remains a subject that few people outside of academia really understand.

Professor Christina Jayne of Robert Gordon University. Picture: Contributed
Professor Christina Jayne of Robert Gordon University. Picture: Contributed

Artificial intelligence (AI) has variously been hailed as the future of technology and a threat to humankind. But the reality is somewhat different.

Now an AI expert is to deliver a public lecture with the aim of helping people to grips with the technology.

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Professor Christina Jayne, head of computing science at Robert Gordon University (RGU), will deliver a lecture on 12 April which will explore current trends in AI research and its impact on society.

The free event, which will take place at RGU’s Garthdee campus in Aberdeen at 6pm, is part of a series of lectures introduced by the university where a number of its experts discuss topical research issues.

Professor Jayne has more than 25 years’ experience in academia, teaching, designing and leading new programmes in the areas of computing, information systems and mathematics.

In her lecture, Professor Jayne will explain the progress of AI with a focus on machine learning, the successes in practical applications and the possible challenges that lie ahead. “AI could be described as machine intelligence, or a computer system that exhibits similar behaviour to a human being,” she said. “AI technology is becoming increasingly part of our daily life. There are numerous examples such as Google search, Amazon recommendations, Apple Siri, and self-driving cars.

“Governments and industry across the world are investing in AI research and applications to secure competitive advantage and economic progress. AI has recently enjoyed a lot of attention in the media, which makes it a very topical subject to explore further in my lecture.”

Professor Jayne was appointed as Head of the School of Computing Science and Digital Media in 2015.

Her lecture will take place in the Sir Ian Wood Building at the Garthdee campus, and will include an opportunity for a Q&A which will be followed by light refreshments.

To book a place at the lecture, please email Anna Duthie via [email protected] or call 01224 262210.