Going on show - the Argylls’ danger-laden souvenir of Borneo

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Of all the many fascinating items in the collection of the Argylls’ museum this one is reckoned to be one of the trickiest to handle - because it contains “live” poisoned darts.

The museum is currently gearing up for a grand relaunch in Stirling Castle next year, when it will open its doors as a state of the art £4m visitor attraction.

Meanwhile staff are busily planning how to display some of the more exotic items in the collection.

This blow pipe quiver was given to a member of the 1st Battalion during their tour of Borneo in 1965, and more than half a century later still contains the poisoned darts which would have been used by the Iban people when hunting in the Borneo jungles.

A spokesperson said: “It’s rumoured that some soldiers also taught the locals how to play ‘European’ darts with these traditional items - not a game we’d fancy playing!”

Meanwhile the museum is keen to hear from Falkirk reisdents whose relations may once have served in the former regiment (amalgamated into the Royal Regiment of Scotland in 2006).

The Museum’s spokesperson said: “The story of The Argylls is not just the story of the soldier.

“The Regimental Family was an important support network during a soldiers’ service.

“We’re looking for interviewees to tell us their experiences of life as a wife, girlfriend or child of an Argyll in our new oral history project, Unheard Voices.

“Every experience is important. Get in touch now to help us preserve the legacy of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders for future generations”.

You can get in touch by phone on 01786 448041, or by email to collections@argylls.co.uk.