Scottish Environmental Charities Launch Urgent Bid for an Environment Act for Scotland  Pictured Scottish Environment LINK members call for an urgent Environment Act for Scotland at The Scottish Parliament today.     Scottish Environment LINK, a coalition of Scotland's leading environmental charities will today launch an urgent campaign, 'Fight for Scotland's Nature' at the Scottish Parliament. Together they will call for Scotland to have its own environment act.   Fears sparked by Brexit as well as mounting evidence of the global ecological crisis also heavily impacting Scotland has prompted the charities to join forces and urge the Scottish Government to commit to a dedicated Environment Act for Scotland that protects and enhances Scotland's nature, now and in the future.   80% of all Scotland's environmental laws come from the EU. The combination of strong legislation and support for effective implementation has made these laws among the most effective on Earth. Further, Scotland's nature has been a net be

Do you hear a siren? That’s the warning signal of a full-blown emergency in nature

Scotland is arguably the most nature rich part of the UK. With more than 60 per cent of the coastline and marine habitat, all the UK’s arctic/alpine habitats, all the machair, Caledonian pinewood and most of the temperate rainforest, Scotland is nature rich. But the prospects are not good.

The State of Nature report, launched on 4 October, highlighted negative overall trends, in the last decade in particular and over the last 50 years of statistically comparable data. This is set against ongoing longer term declines that have been in train for even longer. The UK as a whole is ­losing species diversity – most marked in Countryside Survey plots, surveyed specifically for a rich species diversity where it is declining. The next Countryside Survey report, now long overdue, is unlikely to show an improving picture.

Dr Deborah Long, Chief Officer at Scottish Environment LINK
Dr Deborah Long, Chief Officer at Scottish Environment LINK
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