New ‘urban aqua park’ to open in Dundee

Scotland’s first ‘aqua park’ is set to open in Dundee as the city’s five-star water attraction at Victoria dock expands to provide more activities for thrill-seekers.

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Study by medical team at the University of Dundee says NHS could save make massive savings by using UV light therapy more often.

UV light treatment “could save cash-strapped NHS millions”

Treating severe skin conditions with UV light rather than creams, pills and injections could save the NHS millions of pounds while improving results for patients, according to a study by the University of Dundee.


‘Prove you value us’ - Teaching union issues challenge to Swinney

In one of the most hard-hitting speeches on Scotland’s teaching crisis, a union leader will tell fellow professionals today she is shocked that the number of teachers wanting to quit the profession is not more than 40 per cent.

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Mary Shelley's Gothic novel has inspired generations of illustrators, writers and film-makers.

Highlighting Dundee’s part in creation of Frankenstein

A new Dundee edition of Frankenstein celebrating author Mary Shelley’s links to the city is to be published and distributed free to local schoolchildren later this year.

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Leader comment: Mary Shelley’s immortal monster can inspire Dundee

Dundee – already dubbed “Scotland’s coolest city” and one of the best places in the world to visit this year – just got even cooler.

Dundee schoolchildren will receive a special 'Dundee' edition of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Picture: John Devlin

New Dundee Frankenstein book for city’s pupils

A new Dundee Edition of Frankenstein celebrating author Mary Shelley’s links to the city is to be published and distributed free to local schoolchildren later this year.

Man charged over rape of woman in Dundee alleyway

Man charged over rape of woman in Dundee alleyway

A man has been charged after a woman was allegedly subjected to a serious sexual assault in Dundee.

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Dundee should puff out its chest a bit like Desperate Dan (Picture: Ian Rutherford)

Leader comment: Scotland’s coolest city just keeps winning plaudits

Suddenly Dundee is cool. And it’s not just Dundonians or even Scots who are saying it, but the rest of the world.

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Dundee City Council has axed swimming lessons for primary pupils. Picture: Robert Perry/TSPL

Dundee council axes swimming lessons for primary pupils

Council bosses in Dundee are under fire after they axed all swimming lessons for primary pupils

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Police were called to the Underground nightclub in Dundee. File picture: John Devlin

Dundee midfielder arrested over alleged assault outside city nightclub

Dundee midfielder Paul McGowan was arrested in the early hours of Monday following an alleged assault outside a nightclub in the city, according to reports.

Founded in 1980, Scan Building Services operates in the construction industry as a specialist contractor. Picture: Contributed

Dundee building services company is latest to become owned by workers

More than 50 members of staff at a Dundee-based building engineering services company have been given control of the firm after it became Scotland’s latest employee-owned business.

A lottery ticket.

Scots Euromillions winner misses out on £1m prize after missing deadline

A Scottish Lotto player has missed out on the chance to claim a £1million prize after failing to come forward on time.

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A CGI neanderthal nicknamed Ned, who was based on a skull found in Iraq

Leader comment: The benefits of seeing another species of human

Homo sapiens have a tendency to look down on other kinds of humans. We survived so, clearly, we were superior.

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The University of Dundee. Picture by JANE BARLOW

University of Dundee announces new partnership with Singapore University

The University of Dundee and the National University of Singapore have established a new partnership which will see students share their study time between Scotland and Singapore and earn a degree from both institutions.

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Argylegait in Dundee. Picture: Google

Man dies after being hit by car in Dundee

A pedestrian has died after being knocked down in Dundee.

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V&A celebrates the Scot behind the Speedo swimsuit

V&A celebrates the Scot behind the Speedo swimsuit

One of the first Speedo swimsuits ever made is to go on display at the new V&A museum in Dundee when it opens later this year.

The term "Beatlemania" is said to have been coined in Dundee given the devotion of fans. PIC: Dundee City Council (Dundee's Art Galleries and Museums)

Photos return to “Beatlemania” city

Dundee was so mad for the Fab Four that it’s said the phrase “Beatlemania” was coined in the city after a particularly wild night at the Caird Hall.

The new Beano X Stella McCartney kid clothing range, which features Beano and Dandy favourites Minnie the Minx and Dinah Mo. Picture: PA Wire

Stella McCartney teams up with Beano and Dandy for new fashion range

Your offspring may have the manners of Minnie the Minx or Dennis the Menace, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be ‘down with the kids’.

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Caption: Hermann Twickler, Managing Director of PressureFab Group and Andy Curran, previous owner of Houston's of Cupar.

Businessman who created £400k false invoice banned from running companies

An award-winning businessman who created a false invoice for more than £425,000 as his firm was going bust has been banned from running a company for 11 years.

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Pitkerro Road.

Boy hit by car outside Dundee school

A teenager was treated for injuries after being struck by a car outside a school in Dundee earlier this afternoon.

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