Farmers’ union finances in better shape

NFU Scotland finished 2015 in the black, and this week claimed it was set to move into the New Year on a sound financial footing.

NFU Scotland chief executive Scott Walker
NFU Scotland chief executive Scott Walker

As well as reducing administrative expenditure by £10,173, the union’s accounts revealed that it had increased its turnover by over £85,000 to just under £2.83 million. Along with an increase in investment income, this saw the union end the year with a surplus of £50,197, compared to a loss in the previous year of £60,519.

Commenting on the financial and annual report, released along with the January edition of the union’s magazine, Scottish Farming Leader, NFU Scotland’s chief executive Scott Walker said he anticipated that 2016 would be a difficult year for both the union and its members.

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“I know that many of our members are struggling financially and that cash flow will be a severe problem for some,” he said.

“NFU Scotland continues to provide a high-quality service, lobbying, influencing legislation, supporting individual members, representing the wider industry and working to give members better value for their membership through exclusive discounts.”

He said that while the increase in subscription rate had been held at 2 per cent, alongside core lobbying activities the union provided many other business benefits:

“Last year we held more events than ever to support our members – from renewable events to provide sound, independent advice to farmers and land managers to workshops on agricultural vehicle transportation issues to help our members cope with the increasing complexity of ensuring their farm vehicles comply with the law.”