Teresa Hunter: Simple steps for ceilidh organiser

PLAYING safe is not something usually associated with impresarios, who spend their days trying to manage rock bands, musicians and DJs.

But when baby Flora was born seven months ago, entertainments manager at Edinburgh University, Roger Walpole, 29, decided it was time to get some protection. Roger, of Edinburgh, said: "Right now I am the only one working in the family, so I wanted to be sure if anything happened to me my wife, Lesley, and Flora would be financially secure."

He went online to research life assurance, and with the help of Life Search, opted for an index-linked term policy over 35 years which would pay out 50,000 should tragedy strike. He also bought a family income benefit policy, to provide a regular income. This will pay out 1,000 per month or 12,000 a year should anything happen to him. The policies with Royal Liver cost 18.96 per month.

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Roger said he found the cover surprisingly affordable, and the various steps to arrange it easier than a Gay Gordon. But then his job is to arrange ceilidhs, along with discos, concerts, bands and weddings.