From the stage to serving cakes and cappuccino in Kirkcaldy

A Kirkcaldy acting couple have torn up the script by launching a whole new business.

Owners Kirsty and Tony Strachan at Kangus Coffee House (Pics by Fife Photo Agency)

Tony and Kirsty Strachan have swapped the camera and stage for cakes and cappuccinos at the newly-opened Kangus Coffee House on Victoria Road.

Tony said: “Two years ago my dad died so we had a moment then of ‘life is short, what should we do?’. We’ve been acting all our lives so lets try something different.

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“We’d always thought it would be nice to have a wee shop, and Kirsty’s worked in the trade for years.”

Owners Kirsty and Tony Strachan at Kangus Coffee House (Pics by Fife Photo Agency)

Kirsty’s family are well-known in the town – dad George owns the Path Tavern whilst The Duchess is owned by her sister Dallas.

She said: “I’ve been waitressing since I was 10 on and off and I’ve been working between both pubs recently.

“But after my last shift at the Path two weeks ago my dad gave me my last pay poke and said “for the first time I’m hoping you won’t be back. Thanks for 36 years!’”

The look of the shop was inspired by a year of life in San Francisco: “The coffee shops there are so small and independent and funky,” Kirsty said.

“So we’ve taken a lot of inspiration from that.”

Tony added: “It’s just going to be the two of us working in it and we’re hoping that in a couple of years one of us can maybe go and get an acting job somewhere. We never act at the same time because of our kids anyway.”

So with acting firmly on the back burner for the time being the pair had their official opening at the new coffee house – named after their dog Angus McAngus – on Tuesday, saying that they have worked hard to support local businesses.

“Most of what we are using has come from local and small independent businesses,” Kirsty said, “and 90 per cent of it is Scottish.

“We’re not having Coke or Pepsi for example – they’re too big. We got local artists to come in and do a few wee things too.”

And for film fans there is one addition to the decor that stems from Tony’s time in the film world: “The string of lightbulbs across the ceiling came from the set of Whisky Galore!”