The Scotsman launches new Data Capital podcast series

The Scotsman has launched a new podcast series, Data Capital, which examines the all-embracing impact of both data and artificial intelligence on our lives.

The six-part series looks at how Edinburgh is seeking to become the data capital of Europe - and the growing value of data as financial and social capital.

Speakers examine big issues, including the ethics of using data and artificial intelligence in areas like investment and robotics, and how data can drive better decisions to support families in poverty.

Picture: TSPL

The series, presented by David Lee, is in partnership with the Data Driven Innovation (DDI) initiative at the University of Edinburgh and includes a wide range of expert voices.

Professor Shannon Vallor, Baillie Gifford Chair in the Ethics of Data and AI at Edinburgh Futures Institute, tells the series that there is "nothing mysterious or magical about data and AI" and that we have to realise they are "human all the way down" and not be afraid.

Heriot Watt University professors Helen Hastie and Yvan Petillot look at how AI and data are powering the development of the National Robotarium on the outskirts of Edinburgh, while Accenture experts discuss the role of data and AI in transforming the oil and gas industry.

The first podcast examines the catastrophic drop in visitors to Edinburgh caused by the coronavirus pandemic - and how data might help bring the tourists back AND help the city’s hospitality businesses recover.

Josh Ryan-Saha of the DDI initiative is joined by Galina Andreeva and Ewelina Lacka of the University of Edinburgh, who are involved in innovative data research projects to address these fundamental issues to the Edinburgh city region economy.

Data Capital is available wherever you get your podcasts on Anchor FM, Spotify, Pocket Casks and will be available on iTunes in the coming weeks.