Scots inventions among those highlighted to celebrate 400 years since first patent

Four Scottish inventions are to be included on a list of 55 iconic patented products compiled by the UK Government to mark 400 years since the first patent was filed.

John Logie Baird patented the moving picture in 1924.

A patent filed by James Blyth in 1891, which showed that wind power could be used to produce energy, was the oldest Scottish invention on the list, followed by John Logie Baird’s patent of the technology to transmit a moving picture in 1924 - the precursor to the television .

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Also highlighted by the government’s ‘GREAT for Imagination, campaign, which aims to showcase some of the most remarkable innovations to be developed and patented in Britain over the last four centuries, was radar, patented by Scot Robert Watson-Watt, in 1935 and Sir James Black’s 1965 creation of the drug beta-blockers.

Universities and Science Minister, Sam Gyimah, said: “The UK has long been a country that nurtures imagination, as illustrated by the vast array of innovations which have been developed and patented here over the last four centuries.”

The campaign will feature in a special segment on the BBC’s The One Show tonight at 7pm.