Salos unveils ‘human factor’ training tie-up

Oil and gas performance specialist Salos has teamed up with a human behaviour consultancy to reduce health and safety risks in the sector.

From left: David Horton of HFB Consulting with Bruce Christie and Grant Wallace of Salos. Picture: Newsline Media

The Aberdeen-based business has worked closely with HFB Consulting over the past year to create an aviation training plan tailored to the oil and gas industry.

The two firms believe their Advanced Human Factors programme – delivered onshore and offshore – will bring significant performance benefits, mitigate the threat of human error and reduce health and safety incidents.

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Salos has piloted the programme with drilling crews preparing for advanced well control situations on a challenging High Pressure High Temperature well, making use of the onshore simulator at Robert Gordon University.

MD Grant Wallace said: “In industries where safety is critical, human factors are typically behind more than 80 percent of major accidents – and this is equally true in the oil and gas industry.

“Once this training is embedded within individuals and teams the results are very impressive.

“Across the board we believe safety compliance, procedural adherence and operational performance can all be transformed, and this offers operators a new layer of assurance and efficiency savings.”

Steve Cathcart, director at HFB Consulting added: “The aviation industry now incorporates human factors into all aspects of training, recognising the importance the ‘human influence’ can have on operational success but more importantly on all matters relating to safety.

“The oil and gas sector has historically had minimal human factor consideration in its training but is now beginning to acknowledge that to be at the cutting edge of safety and performance it is crucial to be proficient in this area.”