Royal Bank of Scotland warn customers of new online scam

The Royal Bank of Scotland has issued a warning call as fraudsters target online banking customers.

Scammers are using a new technique in an attempt to steal money from the bank’s users.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1 – The fraudster gets hold of your Digital Banking login details. This could be through a phishing email, a scam phone call or text.

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Step 2 – They log into your Digital Banking and change one of your account names to something like ‘Frozen’, ‘Suspended’ or ‘Blocked.

RBS have warned customers of a new scam. Picture: PA

Step 3 – The fraudster phones you, posing as the police, your bank, or another trusted company.

Step 4 – They tell you to move your money out of the ‘Frozen’ account to a ‘safe account’, which actually belongs to the fraudster.

Royal Bank of Scotland said: “We would never ask you to change your account name, move money to another account or share your Digital Banking login or Mobile App activation codes.

“If anyone asks you for any of these details, hang up immediately.

“Please report any calls like this using a different phone and a number you can trust from our website or the back of your credit or debit card.”