Renewables pay powers ahead of oil

Wage growth across the UK renewable energy sector is outstripping increases in the North Sea oil and gas industry, according to a report published today.

Pay in the biomass sector grew 18 per cent in the past three months, compared with an average rise of 5 per cent in the North Sea. Tidal energy saw growth of 11 per cent, and solar 8 per cent, but recruitment website Oil & Gas People said wages in the wind sector edged up just 0.5 per cent because of “uncertainty” over investment.

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Kevin Forbes, the firm’s chief executive, said: “Despite subsidies increasing by 10 per cent under the UK government’s reforms of the electricity market next year, the ‘contracts for difference’ will run for only 15 years, compared to 20 years under the old system.

“Employment levels are now stable in the sector but, with continuing uncertainty over investment, wages will see small increases for some time.”