New style of coffee maker stimulates changing habits

THE George Clooney effect is helping to send sales of trendy capsule coffee machines soaring, new figures have revealed.

But the rise of the pod and a slump in workplace tea rounds are putting the brakes on the sale of traditional coffee – particularly instant coffee – at the same time, according to analysts.

Pods and capsules are the latest trend for coffee drinkers, boosted by brands such as Nespresso, whose adverts feature actor Clooney.

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According to a report by market analysts Mintel, more than one in 20 homes now have some kind of espresso machine.

But with many workplaces also installing the expensive devices – they can cost up to £200 – one in ten Brits regularly has their coffee made either in a pod or capsule machine.

According to consumer watchdogs Which?, each cup costs the equivalent of 22p to make, compared with just 8p a cup using a normal filter coffee machine.

Sales of instant granules rose very slightly from £668 million in 2010 to £671m last year – although the increase was due to increasing prices. In volume terms, however, sales of instant coffee are falling.

Mintel said a number of factors were behind the rise. These included health concerns over too much caffeine, with people choosing to have one cup of strong filter coffee as a daily treat, replacing several cups of instant during the day.