Murales' mural adds style to Kirkcaldy barber shop

A graffiti artist whose work is displayed across the world has left her mark on a Kirkcaldy business.

Revolution Barbershop owner Mark Reynolds with the new wall mural by Spanish artist Murales Lian (Pics by Fife Photo Agency)

Murales Lian travelled from her home in the Basque Country to paint a stunning mural on the wall of Revolution Barbershop on Kirkcaldy High Street.

Owner Mark Reynolds said he got the idea from the art work he saw on the streets of San Diego where he grew up.

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“Where I’m from in California to get rid of all the gang graffiti, the community gets involved and creates huge murals,” he said.

“I was Googling things to do in the Basque Country for a holiday and looking at murals and things and Lian’s stuff kept coming up and I thought I want that.

“I need a new car, but I got a mural instead – that came first!”

Mark says he wanted the mural, which is a large representation of himself and one of his friends, to reflect his business.

He said: “This is my HQ, I spend nine - 10 hours a day here so I wanted something that was really cool and that would blow people away.

“I want people to think if this guy takes this much pride in his shop, he’ll take as much pride with my haircut.

“Lian and I bounced stuff around to try and come up with ideas and if you see a cool drawing of yourself then you can go that’s the one – I’m not immune to that!

“I’m blown away by it and the customers love it too.”

As well as the main mural Lian, who was born in Barcelona to American parents, also painted a rose and scissors design on the roller door which the barber shop shares with Vintage Beauty Lounge next door.

Lian said: “I’ve been painting for 20 years now but just for the last two years I’ve been making a living from it. So I travel around the world painting.

“They can be specific commissions but sometimes if it’s a large building they can let me do what I want.

“I’m really pleased with this one, I think it changes the whole shop, and Kirkcaldy is amazing – quaint I think is the word for it!”