Mother more deserving of gifts than dad, says survey

OFFSPRING are more likely to fork out for a Mothers’ Day present than they are for the equivalent day of celebration for their fathers, a survey has

Online shopping website found that twice as many people search for gifts ahead of Mothers’ Day – which is celebrated in March – as they do for Father’s Day, which falls next weekend.

The site recorded 16,105 searches for gifts for Mothers’ Day, while found only 7,482 searches for Father’s Day presents – a 215 per cent difference.

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“The difference in our statistics is absolutely staggering,” said Henry Smith of, “You would at least expect something near equality between the two figures, but this is more than twice as much.”

Shoppers argued that their mothers were “more deserving” of a bigger gift, while their
fathers would be happier to settle for a smaller token.

Smith added: “In this age of equality, it’s strange to see poor old dad getting the rough end of the deal.”

Meanwhile, a separate survey by found that nearly one in four fathers hope to receive something homemade from their children, yet only 15 per cent of youngsters craft their Fathers’ Day gift themselves. However, almost a third of fathers said they would most like to receive a gift voucher from their offspring.