Most Scots '˜value being happy ahead of being rich'

Individual wealth may be considered by many to '¨be an indicator of success, but few Scots appear to agree.

Many Scots value personal happiness above wealth, a survey has found. Picture: Rob McDougall/TSPL

Research has found 
seven out of ten people living in Scotland think “being happy” is the true benchmark of personal satisfaction.

Of those polled across Scotland, just one in four said being a millionaire defines you as successful, compared to the one in three who said being charitable is an indicator you are doing well in life.

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While more than half of those surveyed said that both being debt free and financially secure were among the top indicators of achievement, these ranked below the most common indicators – being happy and being healthy.

Also in the top indicators was achieving career aspirations, and more three in ten cited a happy marriage as a true sign of success.

Yet fewer than three in ten adults in Scotland have a plan in place to achieve their aspirations and goals.

The research was carried out by accountancy firm Mazars.

Ian Pickford of Mazars said: “Having enough money is important but it’s really interesting to see ‘being a millionaire’ and other materialistic definitions of success are way down the list.

“The results suggest people have a good idea of what they consider success to be, or not be, but most of us have little or no idea how we will get what we really want out of life.”