More cash available for Falkirk's vulnerable families

Residents who are in receipt of Carers Allowance will soon be due a financial boost in their benefits.

Carers will now get more money each week. Picture: John Devlin

An agreement between the Scottish Government and Falkirk Council means claimants will see a rise of £8.50 per week in their weekly allowance – moving it up from £64.60 to £73.10.

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This move follows the transfer of control of this benefit from Westminster to Holyrood and brings Carers Allowance up to the same level as Job Seekers Allowance.

Falkirk Council Leader Cecil Meiklejohn said: “This makes a bold statement on the Scottish Government’s commitment to tackle inequality and poverty, particularly where there are children in the home.

“The change in how much is paid to carers also helps remedy an anomaly within the Westminster system of government that discriminates against those in receipt of Carers Allowance.”