Money Helpdesk: Long-distance plea to Vodafone for a contract mobile that works

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THIS week Helpdesk was contacted by Ms AD of Stornoway, who was frustrated by Vodafone’s standard of care. Since being contacted by The Scotsman, the company has apologised and promised to shape up.

Q Since around May/June 2012, (yes, three months plus,) I have been having problems with my Vodafone contract phone. I pay £25 a month and have a contract until April 2013 with an HTC Desire phone included. I stopped getting any reception, which went on for so long that I complained. They sent me a Sure Signal which gave me a signal in my house, but not anywhere else. I complained and they sent me a new sim card. It was faulty. I complained and they sent me a new one. This still received no signal, so they asked me to send my phone to them, minus sim card and battery and back. They sent me a completely different model back, with no back, battery or charger to fit. I complained again and they sent me another plug and USB charger, but no battery or back, and the items they did send me also did not bear any relation to the phone they had sent me.

They have refunded one month’s payment, but the hassle, lack of phone and incompetency astounds me. They even suggested that I “pop” into my nearest Vodafone shop (this is a two-day overnight stay and 200 miles away). I don’t know where their call centre is, but often the level of ability to speak English is doubtful. Vodafone customer service is deplorable and I would never recommend them to anyone.

AD, Stornoway

Jane Frapwell of Vodafone writes:

A We have spoken to Ms AD to apologise for the confusion and inconvenience she has experienced. We have made arrangements to send her a replacement HTC Desire handset and will monitor her account to make sure there are no further problems.

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