Match maker venture aims to provide digital portal

A business launched this spring has amassed a database of hundreds of digital and marketing agencies to assist smaller firms in need of web development, e-commerce and similar services.

BusinessMatch has signed up 450 agencies to its match-making platform. Picture: Michael Gillen

BusinessMatch, co-founded by former Aberdeen Journals executive Andrew Blair, has signed up some 450 agencies to its match-making platform which for buyers is free to use. The aim is to reduce the time and resources required when searching for a strategic partner for both one-off and on-going projects.

“With technology advancing rapidly, many start-ups, small and medium businesses find it extremely hard and time consuming to source and secure effective marketing partners,” Blair said.

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“It often requires sector knowledge and established connections. Now, businesses that want to accelerate their marketing options can do so, at the touch of a button.”

Buyers enter details about the kind of expertise they require on a private network of registered agencies, with anonymity among the options. The software from BusinessMatch uses algorithms to help pull together a shortlist within a week from which users can choose their preferred agency.

To date, the value of projects posted has varied from £10,000 to more than £250,000.