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The orphaned otter cubs found on the riverbank near Earlston.
The orphaned otter cubs found on the riverbank near Earlston.
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There has been a rise in orphaned otter cubs

The Scottish SPCA is caring for two orphaned otter cubs who were found alone without any sign of their mothers.

The otter cubs were discovered on a flooded river bank in Earlston and are now in the care of the Scottish SPCA’s National Wildlife Rescue Centre in Fishcross.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said: “The cubs found on the river bank in Earlston had a very lucky escape as it was a difficult rescue for our officer in the dark.

“Despite their ordeal, the cubs are doing well. They are sisters who are around 10 weeks old and are self-feeding. They don’t need much attention from our staff as they have each other.

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Investment group gets £400,000 from company sale

The sale of Glasgow drug discovery firm Biopta is set to raise more than £400,000 for Braveheart Investment Group.

Japanese group Reprocell, a specialist in the development of stem cell technologies, is paying about £5.2 million in cash and shares for Biopta, a spin-out from Glasgow Caledonian University.

Braveheart – along with three other major Biopta shareholders – will be paid their entitlement in Reprocell shares. The Perth-based investor said it stands to receive a payment worth £406,479, compared with the £395,889 that its stake in Biopta was valued at in its accounts at the end of September.

The deal is expected to complete early next month, and neither Braveheart nor the other Biopta shareholders receiving Reprocell shares is locked in.

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One in three Scots agree to plans they don’t want to go to

Many Scots readily agree to evening plans even if they have no intention of going out, a new survey has found.

One in three adults admit they falsely accept invitations, while half blame tiredness for their apparent reluctance to socialise.

84 per cent of people think it’s easier to cancel plans because of technology, using text, email and messaging apps to do so.

Half of Scots are using the “too tired” excuse, because they would just rather have a night in.

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The history of Tunnocks

The story began on Uddingston’s Lorne Place, where company founder Thomas Tunnock set up his first bakery in 1890.

From here, the Tunnocks name and reputation began to spread throughout Glasgow for their bakery, tea room and travelling catering vans which could be rented for special occasions.

As the business developed and the problems of baking fresh bread routinely began to become more apparent, the 1950s saw the biggest changes for the company, with 1952 the birth year of the Caramel Wafer.

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