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Not enough owners are researching their animal needs before buying
Not enough owners are researching their animal needs before buying
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IT’S never too early to learn something new like how one girl went on to beat crippling anxiety and why impulse buying could be damaging your pets welfare.

Scotland is more welcoming to immigrants than the rest of the UK

27 per cent of Scots said immigration was good for the country, compared to 22 per cent across Britain.

Although the older generation were far more likely to be opposed to immigration, with 76 per cent of those over 60 in favour of a reduction as opposed to 43 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds.

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Men save more than women for retirement

Research by Scottish Widows found 51 per cent of women are sufficiently putting money aside for their later years compared to 62 per cent of men.

The number of women who said they were saving was up one point from last year, but still lags slightly behind the UK female average of 52 per cent.

Whether it’s having a family, taking a career break or changing working patterns, we need to ensure that life changes impacting women do not jeopardise their future security.

The gender gap of 11 per cent is wider than UK national average of eight percentage points, the latest Women and Retirement report showed.

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Impulse buying is hurting animal welfare

Scots who impulse buy a pet are putting the animal’s welfare at risk by doing little or no research into how to help their pet live happy and healthy lives.

This lack of knowledge can result in stressed, lonely, obese and aggressive pets, according to the UK’s leading vet charity, PDSA.

One in five (21 per cent) of pet owners in Scotland have admitted they didn’t carry out any research before getting a new pet.

A ‘want it now’ consumer culture is evident in pet purchasing with over 4.5 million in Britain doing no research at all before getting a pet. Familiarity with the Animal Welfare Act has decreased significantly over the last five years, with only 31 per cent of pet owners stating they are familiar with their responsibility as a pet owner as detailed in this legislation which outlines the basic welfare needs of our pets.

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Young girl wins The Princes Trust award

An 18-year-old girl who was bullied so badly her panic attacks stopped her from leaving her home, has overcome her anxiety and won the illustrious award in Edinburgh.

Amy Wilson, from Glasgow, recently won the Baillie and Gifford Young Ambassador Award at the Prince’s Trust Celebrate Success Awards in Edinburgh.

The award recognises young people who have successfully completed a Prince’s Trust course and have volunteered their time, shared their personal experiences and inspired others.

Becoming involved with the Trust from the age of 16, it became her lifeline in a time when she couldn’t even attend school due to anxiety.

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