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Surprise as inflation holds steady

Inflation unexpectedly stalled last month as higher prices for motor fuel, gas and electricity were offset by deeper discounting by clothing retailers.

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Sales rise buoyed by sunny weather and World Cup. Picture: John Devlin

Sunshine lifts Scots retailers but high street blues persist

Sporting fixtures and sunny weather brought shoppers onto Scottish high streets last month, but experts today warned that the good times were unlikely to last.

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Jobless Scots are on the rise

Jobless Scots on the rise while falling UK-wide

The number of Scots out of work is on the rise, while falling across the rest of the UK, official figures today show.

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Robots will take the place of factory staff, transport employees and construction  workers. Picture: Getty

Half a million new Scots jobs expected from automation

More than half a million jobs will be created in Scotland over the next two decades with the rise of artificial intelligence (AI) driving greater automation and robotics, new research indicates.

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Sarah Stone, pictured with a co-worker, has established the co-working space at Leuchars, Fife. Picture: Heidi Hayward, Northern Angel Photography

Military spouses set up skills base in Fife

A former Downing Street adviser has launched a co-working initiative in Scotland to develop entrepreneurialism and skills around military bases.

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Output is healthy now the economy has recovered from the stormy spring

Bill Jamieson: Keeping our heads as politicians lose theirs

Does political chaos matter? Is it a blight or an irrelevance? With all the raucous clamour and division in UK politics for the past 18 months, the UK economy should surely be in a tailspin.

Picture: Getty

Five ways to achieve the dream of early retirement

Whether it’s planning a cruise around the world, regularly dining out at fine restaurants or even buying a bolthole in the south of France, all of us have an idea of how we would spend early retirement.
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Picture: Creative Commons

Why is now the right time to make your will?

There is never really a good time to talk about dying and what happens to your money and assets when you’re gone.

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Scotland's fintech sector has welcomed investment this year. Pictured is The Scotsman's 2018 conference on fintect. Picture: John Devlin

Glasgow and Edinburgh tied as third most attractive UK city for investment

Glasgow and Edinburgh have tied as the third most attractive city in the UK for foreign direct investment in financial services.

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Padlock bags before check-in

Be prepared to make the most of travel insurance

If you’ve managed to escape the daily grind and get away, or if you’ve got a holiday booked soon, you’ll know how important it is to have a good travel insurance policy.

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Some expect to still be paying off mortgages when they are in their 70s

One in seven expect to be paying off mortgage into their 70s

One in seven UK homeowners say they will still be paying off their mortgage at the age of 70, according to a survey.

Bill Jamieson. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Bill Jamieson: Risk indicators raise key questions of trust

Few industries have grown more in status and stridency than investor protection. The edicts of the regulatory agencies pour forth, along with voluminous “must read” documents to be noted, acted on and kept on file. But despite their aura of authority and infallibility, how reliable are they? Can they be trusted as an informed assessment of risk for private investors, fund managers, analysts and independent financial advisers?

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Scottish cities tie in third spot for cash into finance sector

Scottish cities tie in third spot for cash into finance sector

Glasgow and Edinburgh have tied as the third most attractive city in the UK for foreign direct investment in financial services.

The Beast from the East has already become a distant memory. Picture: Gareth Fuller/PA

Bill Jamieson: On a clear day you can see the storm brewing

Brilliant weather, constant sunshine, near record temperatures – and forecasts of more of the same.

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Financial and related professional services account for about 9% of the Scottish economy. Picture: Contributed

Scotland’s financial services industry outstrips London

Scotland’s financial services sector is outstripping London’s when it comes to jobs growth, after 10,000 posts were added in the past year.

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Michael Sturrock, External Affairs Executive, DMA

Michael Sturrock: No deal on data post-Brexit would be devastating

In spite of the fast-approaching deadline to complete negotiations, arguments between ‘soft’ or ‘hard’ Brexiteers still pervade Parliament. While the Government’s victory in passing the ­European Withdrawal Bill allows them to have control of the deal reached with the EU, Theresa May is still scrambling to assemble the pontoon which might bridge the stances of her Cabinet.

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Lynn Wilson is an expert in advising entreprenurs

Is a shares scheme the key to retaining happy staff?

Equity schemes offer ways to engage – and retain – employees, suggests Lynn Wilson

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When couples apply for a joint financial product, such as a mortgage, their credit reports are likely to become linked. Photograph: PA

Five expert tips to help make your finances flourish as a couple

The start of a beautiful relationship can also bring financial perks. Working together, a couple can take steps to grow their finances, perhaps boosting their chances of getting on the housing ladder earlier, and supporting each other at times when money is tight.

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How much are you expecting to receive as a retirement income?

Dave Watson: Fat cats creaming off millions is why radical pension reform is needed

The impact of auto-enrolment on pensions has been huge, with workplace pension coverage rising from 46.5 per cent in 2012 to 72.9 per cent in 2017.

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