Touch of mischief from C&C’s chief, perhaps?

Freshies, left to right, Sana Chiang, Alanna Ford, Chris von den Hoff and, on his bike, Carsten Vollebregt. Picture: Greg Macvean
Freshies, left to right, Sana Chiang, Alanna Ford, Chris von den Hoff and, on his bike, Carsten Vollebregt. Picture: Greg Macvean
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C&C CHIEF executive Stephen Glancey had a grin on his face last week after unveiling a rise in the Dublin-based drinks group’s full-year profit – and it showed.

Asked if he planned any further Scottish acquisitions after buying Tennent’s lager in 2009 and drinks distributor Wallaces of Ayr last month, Glancey replied: “I’ve got my eye on AG Barr.”

After much laughter at the suggestion that the owner of Magners cider was eyeing the maker of Irn Bru, Glancey was asked the question again.

“If I was feeling really mischievous then I would say that I’d like to buy the Caledonian brewery in Edinburgh,” said Glancey. “But I’d have to be really mischievous to say that.”

The Caley – famed for its Deuchars’ India pale ale and 80 shillings – is owned by Dutch brewery Heineken following its 2008 break-up of Scottish & Newcastle with Danish peer Carlsberg.

Not quite ROFL, but …

WHETHER it’s a DVD, an SKU or an RPI, it’s hard to avoid the TLA (three-letter acronym) these days, but they have to be used with care.

On a recent trip to Brussels to peer inside the machinations of European government, one member of the business desk enjoyed an in-depth talk on corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ways in which the European Commission is trying to encourage industry to foster a more caring attitude.

All very interesting, particularly the points about fruit juice and machine-tool makers, but after the speaker had packed up their notes and left the room, ashen-faced organisers offered their profuse apologies. Apparently they had expected an overview of a very different CSR – country-specific recommendations – which the Commission will be presenting at the end of the month to make sure member states keep their budgets in order. LOL.

Blades fan cuts right to it

A LITTLE levity at a City presentation by Edinburgh-based Wolfson Electronics last week.

One of the audio chipmaker’s technicians was explaining how a voice-activated phone could help him navigate his way to Sheffield. Wolfson chief executive Mike Hickey interrupted him: “A question. Why would you want to go to Sheffield?”

The subordinate replied unfazed: “It’s where Sheffield United play.”

Lunch launch approval

Best of luck to the four budding young entrepreneurs behind Edinburgh lunch delivery venture Thinkfresh.

The team has completed a “soft launch” which has meant dashing around the city centre on a customised bicycle delivering some extremely fresh fare.

One member of the business desk was among the “exclusive set of customers” able to sample some of the offerings. We can report back that the pork pie and roasted potato salad, in particular, hit the mark, usurping the customary stale cheese sandwich lunch.