People: Hot! Hot! Hot! off the PResses

You say you want a revolution? Philip Letts might be the person to speak to
You say you want a revolution? Philip Letts might be the person to speak to
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Heat must have been getting to the team behind plans to build a replacement for Heathrow airport in the Thames estuary as there was clearly something missing from the press release issued on Friday. It simply quoted Boris Johnson as saying: “XXXX”.

But don’t worry, the tousle-haired London mayor wasn’t swearing. Anna Robinson, spokeswoman for the proposed London Britannia airport, explained in a subsequent e-mail that this was a draft version, apologising for the oversight.

Unfortunately, she forgot to attach the quote in the updated release. Maybe a dip in the Thames would help cool things down.

Ever heard of ‘s-commerce’? No?

Scottish diary heir turned technology entrepreneur Philip Letts is keen to take advantage of Facebook’s swoop for Silicon Roundabout start-up, Monoidics.

Letts, who cut his teeth at the eponymous printing business in Dalkeith before it was sold after two centuries of family ownership, now runs the recently floated Blur, which he is hoping to grow into the “Amazon or Ebay” of business contracts.

He has announced that Blur will interview any ex-Monoidics applicants who are set to lose their jobs as part of the buyout. He said: “As a rapidly-growing technology business, we’re constantly on the lookout for exceptional talent and would welcome any forward-thinking, enthusiastic applicants from Monoidics that want to join us at the forefront of the s-commerce revolution.”

S-commerce is a cross between e-commerce and social media, apparently.

Calm down, dear, it’s just the Gars fund

The departure of Standard Life Investment’s Euan Munro, right, for what sounds like an easier and maybe even more lucrative life at Aviva Investors, sparked an unusual level of shock last week in the usually placid fund management industry. Perhaps it was the high temperatures that seemed to give some an attack of the vapours.

One analyst wrung his hands and moaned: “I saw him as the architect of the fund” – the aforementioned Global Absolute Return Strategies (Gars) – adding breathlessly: “It’s a big shock”.

Others warned darkly that the sudden surprise might prompt them to review the fund on their wealth rosters. This is despite the number one job being handed to Munro’s able number two, Guy Stern, who has been “responsible for the day-to-day running of the fund for a long time anyway”.

It will be the midnight hour for golf nut Derek
BEST wishes go out to Redpath Construction owner and golf nut, Derek Clark. You think you love golf? He’s planning a marathon round, from midnight to midnight, in August at the Carrick Golf Club on the banks of Loch Lomond, to raise money for Children’s Hospice Association Scotland.

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