People: Diplomacy pays off for Selex

Nick Price asked Morph Costumes co-founder Ali Smeaton, right, for funeral help. Picture: Neil Hanna
Nick Price asked Morph Costumes co-founder Ali Smeaton, right, for funeral help. Picture: Neil Hanna
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Defence contractor Selex ES faced a diplomatic minefield when a €1 billion contract was signed at its Edinburgh hub last week.

The firm had to receive four procurement ministers from the nations of the Eurofighter partnership as it unveiled a deal to supply a new generation of radar for the planes. Manoeuvres had to be as tight as any air display as flags were positioned and ministers greeted and led to their scrupulously equal places.

However, Philip Dunne, the UK minster for defence equipment, support and technology, still managed to claim “host nation privilege” and say a few words relating to the recent independence referendum, but Selex’s army of PR people will congratulate themselves on a well-planned campaign.

The only embarrassment for the hi-tech electronics firm was that the microphone appeared to work only intermittently – or perhaps someone behind the scenes was running countermeasures to keep the speeches short.

Morphing into a fun affair

MORE and more people these days who admit to thinking about their funerals seem to be planning a “celebration of life” party to mark their departure – but Bright Purple chief executive Nick Price has taken it to a new level.

Friends with Ali Smeaton, co-founder of Morph Costumes, Price has requested a loan of 200 Morphsuits when his time comes, as they will be required attire at his sending-off.

“I just think it would be great,” the recruitment boss says with mirth.

Tasting is a social event

Isle of Arran’s master distiller James MacTaggart will be making history this week as he uses social media to take the whisky’s global fans through a tasting of the latest malts.

Not surprisingly, demand dramatically outstripped supply when the distillery offered its global followers the chance to “attend” a whisky tasting via Facebook. Hundreds of people applied for one of just 24 tasting packs available, which include the popular ten- and 14-year-old single malts, plus two special drams selected by MacTaggart.

The samples will be savoured on Wednesday, with all comments to be hosted on the Arran Facebook page.