Lex Mancini: Growing Scotland’s young directors

Lex Mancini, chair of the IoD Scotland young directors forum
Lex Mancini, chair of the IoD Scotland young directors forum
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The {http://beta.scotsman.com/business/management/iod-scotland-launches-forum-for-young-directors-1-3905461|young directors forum (YDF)|IoD Scotland launches forum for young directors – The Scotsman} was an idea many had thought of or pitched in one way or another.

It is, at its core, a group of like-minded individuals with the grit and determination to make a difference in their lives and the lives of their peers. The need arose to connect the experienced drivers in Scottish industry with the next generation of ambitious professionals.

By using existing networks and the expertise within an established membership organisation like the Institute of Directors (IoD), the YDF has been incorporated to shift focus and to empower and support younger leaders and directors.

We are aiming for a change in perception and culture, exemplifying how diversity of thought triggers success. The YDF is being shaped to create a programme of personal and professional development, informal networking, mentoring and shared learning that will connect the experienced leaders within the IoD to younger members in a way that has not been recognised before.

From my perspective, the key challenges younger directors and leaders face today can range from the finding the right mentor “fit” to dealing with governance issues within their company. What we have with the forum is an opportunity to articulate the needs of individuals working for themselves and within organisations.

The YDF have had doors opened for us. We have the opportunity to uncover the needs of Scotland’s young, aspiring directors and entrepreneurs looking for tailored and objective advice. As part of the IoD, we have a passport to connect to its entire member network en route to being one of the next generation of Scotland’s leaders.

To date the support for the YDF has been incredible, the Scottish Government have generously contributed to assist us with our future events and the IoD has provided the infrastructure to make this forum a successful reality. Most of us are also fortunate to have the backing of our colleagues and management – as an example, I could not be part of this effort without the wholehearted support of my employer. Collectively, they understand that our views are invaluable in terms of influencing and determining the foundations of what will become a legacy for a more effective and successful work force.

The YDF is the brain child of many younger and determined folk here in Scotland, enabled and supported by senior directors. Simply, it did not exist so it was created. There is a can-do attitude attached to this movement. Personal ambitions not set aside, here we have a chance to create a legacy – something bigger that will assist the next generation of prospective leaders.

One of the first initiatives we have started is the YDF bursary. The money raised from YDF event ticket sales will be put aside for a future young director who would benefit from the profile and membership of the IoD but may not necessarily be in a place to afford it. From our launch event last month, we have accumulated enough funding for our first bursary – so the ball is rolling already and an exciting journey lies ahead.

Lex Mancini is chair of the IoD Scotland young directors forum and an associate at Tilney Bestinvest. The YDF will host four events per year, with the next in February. The themes are dictated by and for young directors, and all ideas are welcome @ydfscot