Intern programme unveils overseas expansion plans

Picture: Ian Rutherford
Picture: Ian Rutherford
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ADOPT an Intern is preparing for international expansion after two years in which the scheme has successfully led to full-time employment for two-thirds of participating graduates.

The programme, which has evolved out of the Centre for Scottish Public Policy, has to date placed nearly 270 graduates in paid internships in sectors of their expertise.

Following this work experience, the majority of participants progress into full-time employment within five weeks, or are retained on extended internships.

A third of those graduates were given jobs with the company they completed their internship with.

The programme is now developing international links, and has already placed four German graduates with Scottish companies looking to boost their business abroad.

Joy Lewis, the chief executive of Adopt an Intern, is now 
aiming to send ten Scots on 
German placements in the coming year. Options for similar 
exchanges in Asia are also being explored.

“We recognise that, in order to continue to succeed and grow in the current economic climate, businesses and employees need to have an international perspective and graduates need to gain work experience and cross cultural skills at an international level,” Lewis said.

“To get a graduate from another country that a company is trying to do business with is a real boost – they speak the language, understand the culture and can bring a particular insight.

“This is especially valuable for the smaller firms that we tend to work most with.”

The programme, which receives funding from the Scottish Government and Europe, helps start-ups and charitable organisations to pay for intern places. However, 62 per cent of all posts created are paid for by the businesses themselves.