Jo Nisbet is a Partner in Harper Macleod's corporate team

Jo Nisbet: You need the right people to succeed with the crowd

Every week our team talks to companies who have decided to raise money from the crowd. Yet the number of those who actually go on to launch an equity crowdfund is significantly less. Given the companies in question still have their primary goal of raising funds, why is there such a drop-off rate and what can they (and their advisers) do to mitigate this?

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Nicola Sturgeon visits Computershare's offices in June 2017. Picture: Jeff J Mitchell/Getty

Bill Jamieson: FDI does more than spare our blushes

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Scotland has been a two-edged sword. It’s hailed as a job creator, a stimulus to innovation, a Scottish footprint on the global business scene – and a validation of Holyrood’s business credentials. Politicians of left and right at Holyrood have greeted FDI announcements as proof of overseas confidence in their economic policies.

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Gillian Docherty: what ethical issues will data encounter over the next 10 years?

In July, Jeremy Wright MP, the Secretary of State for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport issued the government’s new Data Ethics Framework, part of their National Data Strategy. This new ethics framework aims to lay out best practices for the use of data in the public sector and was a welcome update to an existing policy. Upon publication of the framework, Wright said, “Ethics and innovation are not mutually exclusive. Thinking carefully about how we use our data can help us be better at innovating when we use it.”

Private equity firing activity in Scottish deals market

Private equity firing activity in Scottish deals market

Central to deal-making activity in Scotland over the past year has been a resurgence in private equity. By definition, it seldom makes the headlines that can accompany mergers and acquisitions in the public market sphere. But ‘low profile’ does not at all mean a low level of deal activity.

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