Man '˜finds cooked mouse' inside packet of rice bought at Lidl

A Lidl customer said his wife was reduced to 'uncontrollable vomiting' after they claim to have found what they believed to be a dead mouse inside a packet of cooked rice.

A screengrab from Richard Leech's Twitter feed.
A screengrab from Richard Leech's Twitter feed.

Richard Leech posted a picture on Twitter of the Golden Sun microwaveable pilau rice he bought at Lidl, which included what he and his wife identified as a dead mouse.

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He asked Lidl via Twitter “if you could let me know how this mouse got into my packet of rice?”, adding that his house stank of cooked mouse and his wife was suffering from “uncontrollable vomiting” as a result.

Lidl has responded by saying it is looking into Mr Leech’s complaint.