Mackie's serves up sweet sales at first ice cream parlour

Mackie's first ice cream parlour has sold the equivalent of 3,000 bathtubs of ice cream in its inaugural year.

Yvette Harrison, parlour manager at 19.2, which has served 210,000 orders in its first year - enough for almost every person in Aberdeen. Picture: Contributed

The Mackie’s of Scotland 19.2 parlour, located on Broad Street in Aberdeen, exactly 19.2 miles from the Mackie’s Westertown family farm, has served 243,800 litres of ice cream since opening its doors in December 2017.

The Aberdeenshire firm said sales had steadily increased during the 12 months, with record-breaking hours of summer sunshine leading to a peak in August. The parlour has now served more than 210,000 orders, enough for almost every person in Aberdeen.

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It currently employs 12 staff and offers more than 725,000 possible flavour combinations.

Marketing director Karin Hayhow said: “We’re really enjoying working on this new side of our business as it allows us to be creative with our ice cream and desserts – and it’s a great way for us to test new products and get instant feedback from customers.”

Parlour manager Yvette Harrison added: “We’ve had some memorable moments at the parlour, from the introduction of the peanut butter tap to our haggis ice cream.

“The team here are fantastic to work with - they all get behind our crazy ideas and help bring them to life.”