Letters: Edinburgh Airport infrastructure can't deal with numbers

AFTER reading your article concerning the treatment of Mr Mark Merley by staff at Edinburgh Airport (News, July 21) I have to relate that he is sadly one of the many people who are being routinely mistreated by the staff at the airport.

Picture: Ian Georgeson
Picture: Ian Georgeson

The chief executive Gordon Dewar is quoted as saying that he wants passengers to “hold us to task when we have fallen short” and that in Mr Merley’s case, according to an airport spokesman, any necessary action would be taken.

I find these statements completely contrary to my experience of trying to make a complaint against the manner in which my wife and I were treated.

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On Saturday 23 June we arrived at the airport at 6.15am and checked in our luggage at the Jet2 desk where we were advised to go directly to the departure gate which was due to open at 7am, our flight was scheduled to depart at 7.40 for Naples.

On arrival at the security area we were greeted by huge crowds and were unable to enter. The turnstiles were in red mode, no explanation was given, I can only assume they were being switched off as staff were incapable of dealing with the quantity of passengers.

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Staff were shouting and gesticulating and being rude in the process, only adding to the general confusion. To say the least, they had lost control of the situation due to their extremely stressed state. I dread to think what would have happened if a real emergency had occurred in this area.

When I finally arrived at the scanner area the alarm activated and I was made to stand aside for a considerable time before I could be checked.

As a result of all the delays when we arrived at our departure gate we were informed our luggage had been removed from the aircraft because we had not responded to alerts on the PA system. I challenge anybody to hear announcements in this chaos.

I have sent an email of complaint to the Complaints to Edinburgh Airport website and have had not received any response.

It is my opinion that the management at the airport are continually trying to attract new airlines and passengers but the infrastructure is incapable of supporting further expansion in its present state and that training and manners of their staff needs to be seriously improved.

I feel embarrassed that visitors to our country are being treated so poorly.

I would strongly recommend the chief executive to have a look at the complaints website and he will see that we are only part of huge list of his dissatisfied customers.

This was an awful and costly experience for us and I feel compelled not to use Edinburgh again in future.

Eric Scott, Musselburgh