By Jings! Iomart launch an ISP for new Scotland

JINGS!, a new Scottish internet service provider, is to launch today at Glasgow’s Internet World trade show.

Designed to deliver local content from Scotland and around the world, is the latest offering by Glasgow-based integrated telecommunications and internet services company, Iomart Group.

The new Scottish service is to include several types of e-mail; online shopping; business class web hosting; domain name registration; online help and local content from the user’s area such as chat, ads, maps, auctions and mailing lists.

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Iomart chief executive Angus MacSween said: "Our vision is to create an online Scotland - a truly digital nation that reflects the interests of modern Scots and contemporary life."

He added: "We are all proud of our Scottishness but Jings! firmly recognises that Scots have never been renowned for being particularly parochial and that they maintain a broad and healthy world view."

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In addition to the standard dial up access package, Jings! will also offer Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line access - high-speed broadband technology enabling surfers ‘always on’ net access at speeds between 10 to 40 times faster than normal 56k modem connection.

Similar to Iomart’s well established lifestyle and multimedia ISP Madasafish, Jings! will offer two flat rate monthly fee unmetered access options: Unmetered net access calls during evenings and weekends and unmetered access 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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The new service - to be launched with the battle cry of "Nae Tartan. Nae Shortbread" - is to be represented by mascot Murdo the Midge, a metallic menace promising to be here, there and everywhere.