Jim Duffy: I'm delighted with Brexit, entrepreneurs embrace change

I knew it was over when they wheeled out David Beckham.

Jim Duffy says a Brexit is not all doom and gloom. .  Picture Ian Rutherford
Jim Duffy says a Brexit is not all doom and gloom. . Picture Ian Rutherford

As his PR people wrote a ‘Remain’ piece for him while he played with his toys, it was obvious that No 10 was in big trouble.

And so it has come to pass. I’m delighted actually. Why? Well, as an entrepreneur I embrace change and look for all the opportunities to make life better for people.

It’s not all doom and gloom when we get surprised or blindsided. We left the ERM and life went on just fine, despite the predictions then of apocalypse.

We have been so conditioned by the political classes that we are afraid to do anything that moves us outside our comfort zones.


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And now I get to that nation that is perceived by our friends down south as a nation of wimps…. Scotland.

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We voted to remain overwhelmingly. I wonder why… Was it because all of our leading Scottish politicians joined forces and called for a unanimous remain?

Was it because of the pocket rocket – the indefatigable Ruth Davidson – socking it to Boris Johnston on that live TV debate? Was it because we just don’t like old Etonians telling us what to do and the ‘there’ll always be an England’ misty eyed gaze of Nigel Farage as he sinks a cold one at his local English pub, the Saint George?


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Whatever the reason, as a nation we have shown again that we can indeed speak with one voice.

Something has precipitated a bit of a feeling that we are in this together in Scotland. And where does that lead?

I’m not a political strategist, nor am I keen on those who manipulate things from behind. But, I do encourage change.

Change can be positive, lead to new opportunities and for many of us even cathartic. Karl Marx believed that religion was an opiate that kept people numbed and in check.


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That bubble has burst and religion has been found out.

Alternatively, I believe that politics has been the opiate that has held us back and there is a new awakening just about to happen in Scotland.

I’ve written in this newspaper before about putting a bit of stick about at Holyrood (sorry, a bit Francis Urquart-esque from House of Cards!) but I really do see an opportunity here for the SNP to be the party it really wants to be – an entrepreneurial party that can change the way this nation thinks.

As she did yesterday, the First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon, fired the starting gun on this direction by putting IndyRef2 firmly “on the table”.


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Could this be a way for her party to actually change a nation that has been so reliant on Westminster that it feels like we are on a valium drip?

Could we indeed become a nation of entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs who create our own wealth, our own jobs and our own destiny, while working within Europe – our new best friends. I am sure now is a great time, as the European Parliament would love to stick it to the Brexiters down south, while giving Scotland full support.

Is it time to embrace change and see the potential in what we have and what we can be? It seems the English are on their way, do we want to play, what seems like, second fiddle….?

Agitator and disruptor Jim Duffy is soon to be Head of #GoDo at Entrepreneurial Spark