Investment breakfast: tactics for the cautious and tactics for the bold

As we approach the new financial year, join the debate at The Scotsman's annual investment breakfast in Edinburgh.

Bill Jamieson. Picture: Jane Barlow

How can investor’s best position themselves amid changing central bank policies and geopolitical risks?

What is the outlook for Far Eastern markets after the late 2018 sell-off?

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Will Europe overcome the growth slowdown ?

Will there be a Brexit bounce - or a Brexit overhang?

Who might take up the baton from the FANGs and champion the next generation of super stocks in the undergrowth?

Key speakers will offer their practical advice: tactics for the cautious and tactics for the bold, including:

Bill Jamieson as chair

Caspar Rock, Cazenove Capital

Mark Whitehead, Portfolio Manager, Securities Trust of Scotland.

David Coombs, Rathbones