In full: Talking Money 2019 Scotsman magazine

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Picture: Shutterstock
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Why do we spend and save money the way that we do and how can financial institutions and banks help us become better with our money?

The Scotsman partnered with Womble Bond Dicknson to answer this question and the result was a magazine published on the topic.

You can view a PDF version here >>

The full article list can be found below:

Iona Bain: why we all need to talk more about money

Why we are more likely to get divorced than switch bank accounts

Why do people find it hard to talk about money?

How to start talking about money with your partner and friends

A history of money and how our use of it has changed down the centuries

Innovation is threaded through the history of Scotland's financial system

How technology is helping homeless and vulnerable people to get a bank account (sponsored)

Why ATMs and bank branches are disappearing from the High Street (sponsored)

Millions would struggle to cope if UK becomes cashless society

The rise and fall and rise again of cryptocurrencies

How fintech Amiqus ID is helping homeless people get a bank account

Why less banking jargon will help tackle financial inclusion

How fintechs are putting a block on ‘problem spending’

Detecting dirty money hiding in the shadows

How TSB is protecting consumers from online fraud