Ikea £45 table could be worth thousands of pounds by 2040

Ikea's Vbacken side table could be worth more than 5,000 pounds within the next 20 years

A £45 Ikea table could be worth thousands of pounds in 20 years time, according to art auction firm Barnebys.

In a blog post predicting the top current pieces of furniture which could become collectors’ items in the future, experts predicted that the Lovbacken table could be worth over £5,000 by 2040 – the same amount as a Rolex watch or Hermès Birkin handbag.

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One of Ikea’s original designs from the company’s early days in the 1950s and holding the accolade of Ikea’s first flatpack product, it is being rereleased for a limited time this month for a sale price of £45.

In a post on the company’s website, Barnebys founder, antiques expert Pontus Silfverstolpe, said: “It may come as a surprise to many, but we frequently see very popular products of the past getting some of the most recognition at auctions, as they become future antiques within their own right.

“In recent years, there are a significant number of examples where a designer’s ideas on both beautiful and functional everyday life items have attracted collectors, interior designers and the most critical trendsetters all over the world. In other words, it may be that many of tomorrow’s antiques could in fact be found in several of the major furniture chains both on a luxury scale and most surprisingly, affordable.

Other items from furniture company Heal’s and interior design firm Bernhardt already have products which are sold on the secondary market for more than their original price, said Barnebys.

Jared Sager, head of collections at Ikea UK and Ireland, said: “In recent times, we’ve seen a selection of Ikea’s most iconic designs become sought-after collectibles in auction houses across the world, commanding prices up to ten times higher than their launch price.”

“We believe the demand for these items on the second-hand market is subject to Ikea’s Democratic Design principles, where we work with designers to develop beautiful, functional and sustainable furniture with quality that’s built to last.

“We’re very excited that some of our most iconic designs will be back on sale at Ikea’s famously low prices”. Barnebys also said that items of designer furniture made in recent years could also jump in price over the next two decades. It singled out the Chieftain Chair by Danish architect and designer Finn Juhl, which was relaunched in 2002 and sold for £10,000. The site said that the chair could fetch up to £150,000 in 20 years time.