Glasgow firm launches hi-tech app to keep lone workers safe

A Glasgow-based firm has launched an app that turns a smartphone into a lone worker protection device, in what it says is a pioneering offering and as part of an £800,000 investment.

The offering is part of an £800,000 investment. Picture: contributed.
The offering is part of an £800,000 investment. Picture: contributed.

Safe Shores Monitoring (SSM) has developed its Companion app, which in an “industry first”, offers an integrated, cross-platform internet of things connected lone worker product.

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The app is connected by SSM’s Police Preferred Specification Archangel cloud service.

SSM said Companion “delivers the most advanced man-down detection system available… combining sensor data with advanced algorithms to validate genuine situations of jeopardy”. The app can connect to its state-of-the-art alarm receiving centre in Dunoon.

Tom Morton, chief executive of the firm, which offers location-based safety systems for more than 150 UK organisations, said: “Companion has features that aren’t available elsewhere on the market and we are excited to make it available to our new and existing clients.”