Gadget: Pure Sensia DAB Digital Radio

I've come across a fair few DAB digital radios in my travels. The Pure Sensia definitely looks like a DAB radio with a difference.

Its beveled front and orb-like body look as though they've come straight from the set of Star Trek.

It has also got a rather fetching 5.7in, full-colour touchscreen. Promoted as the "radio for the Facebook generation", it mocks the simple task of delivering music from the airwaves with the confident swagger of its considerable features list; internet radio, wireless music streamer and App-ready Facebook web wonder.

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Let's take these functions one at a time. Instead of peering at an eye strain-inducing miniscule menu common to most DAB radios, the Sensia allows you to finger-swish through the 30 or so DAB radio stations in an iPod Touch-inspired fashion. You even get programme info, presenter photos and the like popping up on the screen. Nice eye candy, but rather pointless.

Next on the list is the internet radio function.

The problem in the past with internet radio has been trying to find a pearl in an ocean of mediocrity. With over 10,000 stations to choose from, the Sensia's powerful search function allowed me to find a 1960s music station, from Denmark, broadcasting in English.

The Sensia also wirelessly connects to your PC. Next on the big feature list is the App function – see what your friends are up to on Facebook, check the weather forecast or catch up with Twitter. There are lots more features too. The Pure Sensia appears to me to have infinite audio possibilities.

Pure Sensia DAB Digital Radio


• This article was first published in The Scotsman Magazine, April 17, 2010