FSB complains over tax advert

A FORMAL complaint has been submitted by the Federation of Small Businesses to the Advertising Standards Authority over an advert placed by HM Revenue and Customs.

The advert, publicising a hotline to report self-employed people who do not pay their taxes, depicts a plumber hiding under a kitchen sink.

The accompanying text - the source of FSB's complaint - reads: "With your help, we'll make sure self-employed people who don't pay their tax have nowhere to hide..."

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The FSB's Scottish policy convener, , Andy Willox, said: "We are disappointed that a campaign that could have gained widespread support has instead resorted to a clumsy advert that tars all of the UK's 2.72 million self-employed people with the same brush. We find it particularly offensive that the implication is that all self-employed people do not pay their taxes."

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